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We have been serving with love in our clinic for over 7 years.

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Thanks to our dear patients who shared their happiness with us.

  • A modern, technologically advanced, and well-equipped clinic. Dr. Gözde is constantly improving herself and answers all your questions with kindness. Her informative approach about the process is incredibly good. Moreover, everyone in the clinic is very friendly and cheerful. With her professional perspective and reassuring management, she is truly an expert I would highly recommend visiting.
    Semanur AYYILDIZ
  • Our family's dental clinic 🧡
    Reyhan ÖZEK
  • When we went to see Gözde Hanım for my daughter's orthodontic treatment, I learned about the use of clear aligners. My daughter's teeth were quite misaligned. Thanks to the easy application of clear aligners, she had no difficulty using them at school and home. Now, we are almost done with the treatment, and when we look at the before and after, I can't believe the results. It's all thanks to Gözde Hanım's knowledge, meticulousness, and magical touch. We will always remember her with every smile of my daughter. We are grateful beyond words.
    Yasemin AKPUNAR
  • Elif Polat
    I am almost at the end of my challenging 3-year orthodontic treatment. The teeth that other doctors hesitated to treat and constantly advised surgery for are now in excellent condition. I am extremely thankful to my doctor for her attentiveness, sweet manner, and smiling face. She is a perfect doctor who does her job correctly, and you can trust her without any hesitation.
    Elif Polat
  • Derya GÖKBULUT
    A well-equipped team in a well-equipped clinic. I had a 1.5-year journey with Dr. Gözde, and it ended happily. We successfully managed the impacted canine tooth and completed the braces treatment. Believe in Dr. Gözde and have confidence in yourself; you'll leave with a happy smile at the end of the process. My heartfelt thanks to her and the entire team.
    Derya GÖKBULUT
  • Melek Sezen
    As a dentistry student, my dear mentor, who never withheld their support both academically and throughout the treatment ❤️ Thanks to the whole team's friendliness and the way Dr. Gözde managed the treatment, my 1.5-year braces journey went smoothly, and with the use of the latest knowledge and technology, my teeth turned out perfect. I'm so grateful for you!
    Melek Sezen
  • Hacer Boyacioglu
    A year ago, when I took my first step into the clinic, I had a fixed idea in my mind, thinking, "Let me see this doctor once, I probably won't be convinced anyway." However, with their warm smile and positive approach, they not only dispelled my fixed idea but also implemented the most optimal treatment throughout the year, never once faltering in their determination. Now, I can confidently say, "I'm so glad I walked through that door." I have met not only a highly knowledgeable professional but also a genuinely kind person, along with an amazing team. My treatment was completed exactly as I had hoped for. I extend my infinite gratitude for everything.
    Hacer Boyacioglu